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Once you have received the module, install the Foxus Ap via Sidequest:

If sideloading via side quest is new to you, this is a useful introduction:

OR, Get latest release of .apk here:



* Dual lens 960p camera module 2560X960 @ 60fps

* 1/3 inch OV9750 sensor 

* M12 camera mount with 120° low distortion compound lenses with antireflective coating

* Micro USB interface

* Compatible with LibUVC, and as a plug and play webcam on windows / linux / mac



* Foxus app will be sideloadable from the sidequest store from 15th of July

* Foxus app is a native app using GLES3 that connects to the Foxus camera module, calibrates the image for comfortable viewing, tonemaps and renders the camera image at 60fps

* Foxus app ships with 50 color grading look up tables (LUTs) for applying various looks to your passthrough experience, and a 3d composited menu for browsing through the LUTs


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In the box:

* Camera module in 3d printed housing

* Laser cut mounting hardware

* Alignment template

* 30cm right angled USB OTG to Micro USB cable

* Foxus stickers